As we celebrate our bicentenary 1820-2020 BICENTENARY OF THE SOCIETY OF SISTERS we give thanks for all that God has done and is doing within our FCJ Society and in our world....

Our ‘Society of the sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus’ (FCJ), was founded in Amiens France in 1820 by the Venerable Marie Madeleine de Bonnault d’Houet. We are an international congregation of religious sisters rooted in Ignatian Spirituality, present in 15 countries. We are involved in various ministries, Spirituality, Education, Chaplaincy work, Pastoral work, and in the struggle against human trafficking.

The FCJs arrived in Brussels in 1905 and were involved primarily in education in Montjoie FCJ school Uccle. In 1964 they opened St. John’s International School in Waterloo. Both schools were highly regarded and valued. Montjoie school is now in the hands of the diocese while St. John’s operates under new ownership. The FCJs ministry in Brussels continues to thrive at the FCJ Centre of Spirituality, 211 Avenue Winston Churchill, Uccle, which they opened in 2005 - one hundred years after their arrival in Brussels.

As part of our bicentenary celebrations we, the FCJ Sisters and FCJ Companions in Mission in Europe, would like to invite you to join us, in making the bicentenary commitment below, in whole or in part:

• To celebrate the beauty of creation and make a positive contribution to the local environment by planting 10 trees...

• To endeavour to divest ourselves of single-use plastics.

• To publically acknowledge the impact of Climate Change on the poorest people in society and raise awareness of issues locally while becoming involved in advocacy where possible.

About the FCJ Centre of Spirituality in Brussels

The FCJ Sisters arrived in Belgium in 1902 where they set up communities and established schools, including St. John’s International School in Waterloo in 1964. To read the full mission statement of the FCJ Centre, click here

For more information on the history of FCJ Sisters in Belgium and how they came to Brussels, click here

The FCJ Centre of Spirituality in Brussels opened in autumn 2005. Our aim is to accompany individuals and groups on their spiritual journey. The Centre provides a welcoming environment and a variety of activities conducive to human and spiritual growth. The FCJ Centre team members have extensive experience in working with groups and individuals and have a passion for sharing with others in our common search for meaning.

The Society of Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus was founded by Marie Madeleine D’Houet (1781 – 1858). Inspired by the Holy Women of the Gospel, whose calling was to serve and accompany Jesus, she committed her life to God through the ministry of education, retreats and missions. Today the FCJ Sisters are an international congregation of women, serving around the world, with a variety of ministries.