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Space for Reflection - Note for contributors

The FCJ Centre of Spirituality Space for Reflection is a blog-sized space to share food for the soul - short thoughts, quotes, inspirations, pictures, prayers that can be of help to a wide community of 'seekers'.

Contributions should aim for not more than 200 words. On a webpage, short really is sweet.

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Thomas Experiences Joy

By Loretta Pehanich

"...I’d gone out for provisions. They were afraid to go. On my return the room was lighter, jubilant even. Rather than moping in solitary soul-searching, people were now chatting eagerly in small groups.

“We’ve seen the Lord!” they said.

Something’s definitely wrong, I thought...cont."

Prayer as Relationship by Lynne FCJ

"Relationships are tricky.

The deepest relationships are often the most challenging. They call us to encounter the other, and ourselves, at a level of openness and vulnerability that can be risky. But these deep relationships are also the ones which are most fulfilling, which lead us to a truer sense of ourself and lead us out of isolation and into a sense of connection.

Relationship with God is no different .....cont. "

Called & Listening: Responding to the Call

by Becky Eldredge

"Sometimes the challenge isn’t hearing the call, but knowing how to respond to it or having the courage to say yes to it. It’s one thing to hear the call, but it’s a whole other thing to know how to respond.

Let’s look this week at the four-step discernment process I invite people to go through when discerning an invitation or choice.

Four-Step Discernment Process: Cont...."