Using Zoom at the FCJ

Available as a App on your smartphone or your computer. You decide which you prefer to use.

When you register to an event, we provide you with link to the meeting, the meeting number and password. We have decided to use a password for our Zoom meetings to avoid any disruption to our sessions.

Information on how to connect to Zoom and what to expect


For those of you with a smartphone, download the ZOOM app onto your phone. Follow the instructions allowing Zoom access to your phone, video, mic and you will come to a page where it asks you to insert the Meeting Room N° and password. Just type in meeting number and password. Once you are in, connect your audio and video.


For those of you who want to connect via computer (desktop or laptop) - the following applies:

i) go to your internet browser and copy and paste the link which we will provide to you upon registration. It looks like this

ii) Follow the instructions and download Zoom, allowing Zoom to configurate and giving access to camera and microphone.

iii) Then click on Join Meeting and then Open Zoom meetings. Enter the password number that we have given you upon registration to the event

iv) Once you are in the meeting room, you will need to check that your audio and video are connected. These icons are at the bottom left of the Zoom screen. Beside the mic icon is an arrow which if you click on it you will see audio settings. Here you are check that audio is working and adjust settings if needed.


Support needed?

If you have had very little previous experience with Zoom or video conferencing technology and feel overwhelmed, why not ask for a one to one coaching session the day before the meeting starts. Our Zoom administrator will be glad to help. Just email us at if you would like to some help in getting set up.

How does a meeting work on Zoom?

As mentioned above, you will be able to see and hear us as well as the other participants

When someone else is speaking, mute yourself (you click the mic icon and a line goes through it). Then you know you are muted.

When you want to speak, you unmute yourself by clicking on the mic icon and it is released for you to speak.

If you want to get up in the middle of the session to go fetch something, make sure you are muted and turn off your video, so that others are not distracted by noise or movement

If you have a pet in your home, or there are other people there, keep yourself muted as much as you can, otherwise the group will be distracted.

When you are speaking try not to have your pet, eg a dog in your arms as this can be distracting for others.

We look forward to seeing you online at our events!